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EUREPGAP Fruit and Vegetables
Approved Certification Bodies
All Certification Bodies that have received full ISO Guide 65 (EN 45011) accreditation to the scope of EUREPGAP "Fruit and Vegetables" and are fully approved to carry out EUREPGAP Certification to that scope are listed in TABLE 1 (with headquarter in Country) and TABLE 2 (with local office in Country - will only be displayed when region and country are selected).
Only these Accredited Certifiers are allowed to use the EUREPGAP Logo on their certificates and promotion material and will allow growers to do the same according to their certification agreement. Click on the certifier's name and get more details (Contacts in countries they operate).
(Those certifiers that are in the application phase and have been given a several-month provisional approval, are listed in TABLE 3 below on the bottom of this page.)
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Table 1 Accredited CBs with headquarter in Country
Organisation Head Quarter Contracts received Accredited 
EN 45011 / ISO 65 scope EUREPGAP
IRAM-Instituto Argentino de Normalizacion y Certificacion  Argentina  July 2002  May 2003   
LETIS S.A.  Argentina  December 2005  January 2007  Restricted to Option 1 
Organizacion Internacional Agropecuaria S.A.  Argentina  June 2003  April 2004   
AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd  Australia  June 2004  September 2004   
BSI Group ANZ Pty Ltd.  Australia  May 2004  August 2005   
agroVet GmbH  Austria  September 2004  October 2005   
Lacon - Privatinstitut für Qualitätssicher. und Zert.  Austria  April 2004  March 2005   
SLK GesmbH  Austria  August 2004  April 2005   
Soil Service of Belgium - CERTALENT  Belgium  August 2002  November 2002   
TUV NORD INTEGRA bvba  Belgium  November 2000  November 2001   
Vinçotte N.V. / S.A.  Belgium  May 2002  May 2003   
WQS do Brasil Ltda.  Brazil  January 2006  October 2006   
ICONTEC  Colombia  March 2005  November 2005   
Ceska spolecnost pro jakost, z.s. (Czech Society for Quality)  Czech Republic  April 2007  October 2007   
BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION France (Qualité-France)  France  February 2001  November 2003   
CERTIPAQ  France  May 2004  July 2004   
CERTIS (France)  France  February 2006  July 2006   
ECOCERT SA  France  June 2005  October 2006   
QUALISUD  France  January 2004  October 2004   
ABCERT AG  Germany  September 2004  February 2005   
Agrar-Control GmbH  Germany  June 2002  December 2002   
CERES - CERtification of Environmental Standards GmbH  Germany  November 2004  December 2004   
CERTplus GmbH  Germany  May 2004  November 2004   
IFTA AG  Germany  December 2004  April 2006   
Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH  Germany  December 2002  January 2004   
LC Landwirtschafts-Consulting GmbH  Germany  October 2003  April 2004   
LKSmbH  Germany  August 2004  February 2005   
QAL GmbH  Germany  May 2004  October 2004   
SGS Germany GmbH  Germany  August 2004  February 2005   
Tentacontrol GmbH  Germany  September 2004  February 2005   
EQA - HELLAS CERTIFICATION BODY S.A.  Greece  May 2006  April 2007   
EUROCERT European Inspection and Certification  Greece  November 2000  June 2001   
Bioagricert srl  Italy  July 2004  050601   
Bios srl  Italy  February 2007  October 2007   
CCPB SRL  Italy  September 2005  May 2006   
Certiquality S.r.l.  Italy  April 2003  December 2003   
CSI S.p.A.  Italy  June 2007  May 2008   
CSQA Certificazioni Srl  Italy  November 2001  March 2003   
DNV GL Business Assurance Italia S.r.l.  Italy  July 2001  April 2002   
RINA Services S.p.A.  Italy  November 2005  December 2005   
Suolo e Salute srl  Italy  June 2006  November 2006   
AFRICERT LTD  Kenya  June 2004  December 2004   
Control Union Certifications B.V.  Netherlands  February 2002  January 2003  Approved for non-accredited TEA Certification 
ISACert BV  Netherlands  June 2001  October 2001   
MPS-ECAS B.V.  Netherlands  January 2001  February 2002   
SGS Netherlands B.V.  Netherlands  November 2000  December 2002  Accreditation restricted to The Netherlands 
AsureQuality Limited  New Zealand  July 2001  September 2002   
CODIMACO - Certificacao e Qualidade, Lda.  Portugal  May 2005  November 2005   
SATIVA Desenvolvimento Rural Lda  Portugal  August 2001  April 2005   
SGS South Africa (Pty) Ltd.  South Africa  August 2004  May 2005   
ACERTA Certificacion, S.L.  Spain  October 2003  May 2004   
AENOR INTERNACIONAL, S.A.U.  Spain  September 2001  December 2001   
Bureau Veritas Iberia, S.L.  Spain  November 2001  July 2003   
CERTIFOOD  Spain  November 2004  October 2005   
ECCO Ingenieros S.L.  Spain  July 2001  June 2003   
KIWA ESPAÑA, S.L.U  Spain  May 2001  May 2003   
LGAI Technological Center S.A.  Spain  September 2002  September 2003   
Norma Agricola S.L.  Spain  January 2002  May 2003   
SGS ICS Iberica S.A.  Spain  April 2002  July 2002   
SOHISCERT S.A.  Spain  February 2005  March 2009   
SYGMA CERTIFICATION, S.L.  Spain  November 2005  April 2008   
ProCert AG  Switzerland  November 2000  December 2001   
NSF Certification UK Ltd  United Kingdom  November 2000  October 2001   
Primus Auditing Operations  United States  December 2001  June 2003   
LSQA S.A.  Uruguay  November 2001  December 2001   
*Accreditation issued by an AB that has signed the MLA within the ISO Guide 62 or Laboratory area and that is involved in the development of an IAF methodology and criteria for peer assessment on ISO Guide 65 (product Certification). The EUREPGAP TSC will accept accreditations issued by: ANSI, INMETRO (Brazil), JAS-ANZ (NZ/AUS), SANAS (RSA) and EMA (Mexico) until this MLA is in force and signed.
Table 3 Provisionally approved CBs (in process to receive accredition)
Organisation Country of Head Quarter Contracts received Applied for Accreditation EN 45011/ISO 65 Scope EUREPGAP Comments