The Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture
EUREPGAP Fruit & Vegetables Background
The normative document for certification, "EUREPGAP Fruit and Vegetables", has been developed from a European group of representatives from all stages in the fruit and vegetables sector with the support from producer organisations outside the EU. Started as an initiative by retailers in 1997, the Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group (EUREP), the current version of the EUREPGAP document and procedures has been agreed among partners from the entire food chain for Fruit and Vegetables after a wide consultation phase.
The Version 2 (January 2004) of the EUREPGAP Reference Standard Fruit and Vegetables has been unveiled at our fourth Conference "Towards Global Harmonisation 2003" in Madrid on 10-12 September 2003 and can be downloaded from our website. See „Documents“.
The EUREPGAP TSC for Fruit and Vegetables has evaluated and approved the new versions of the normative documents for fruit and vegetables - the EUREPGAP General Regulations for Fruit and Vegetables, the Control Points and Compliance Criteria, and the Checklist. These documents constitute the EUREPGAP Version 2.x and are current since 12th September 2003.
After the 1st of January 2005 only version 2 certificates will be valid.
Please see also in the General Regulations version 2.1 on page 8, point 5.8.1 “dates for introduction of new version and phasing out of obsolete version”, as well as Annex 11 “Fruit and Vegetables Edition updates and valid Version Register”.