The Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture
National Technical workgroups
EUREPGAP Integrated Aquaculture Assurance
List of National Technical workgroups
As the Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture, EUREPGAP intends to link its global implementation activities closer to the grower, while at the same time seeking to gain qualified input from national experts in their own language with respect to specific legal and structural conditions within the different areas covered by EUREPGAP. This goal will be achieved by the establishment of EUREPGAP Technical Workgroups. Such groups work in close cooperation with the EUREPGAP Secretariat and TSC and support as well as facilitate the EUREPGAP implementation and continuous improvement based on the specific interest area needs.
Country Hosting Organisation Contact Approved national interpretation guidelines
Belgium Verboond van Belgische Tuinbouwveilingen (VBT) Ann de Craene
Netherlands Productschap Tuinbouw Danielle van Dijk
Malaysia qa plus asia-pacific sdn. bhd. (also the Malaysian representative for EUREPGAP) Christie F. Robert