The Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture
EUREPGAP Trainers Integrated Aquaculture Assurance
EUREPGAP allows and encourages individuals that have attended a Train-the-Trainer course (or CB-Workshop) and passed the examination to conduct own public EUREPGAP courses based on EUREPGAP materials.
Minimum qualifications for trainers apply (education and professional experience equivalent to EUREPGAP Auditor), and trainers must be associated to a EUREPGAP member organisation to have preferred access to latest material. Please see the base document for download: Training Principles (pdf; 69 KB)
Qualification for EUREPGAP Fresh Produce Trainer, please download the EUREPGAP Trainer_Checklist (pdf, 66 KB). Applicants must complete and sign the checklist and forward it to the EUREPGAP Secretariat, accompanied by a curriculum vitae and other suitable documents (copies of diplomas, certificates, etc.) to proof the required qualifications. Checklist entries must correspond to the documented details in the CV.
Please note that we only accept documents in english!
Register as EUREPGAP trainer after completing the application requirement via the Trainer_Webform (word_document, 24 KB)
EUREPGAP trainers and their organisations:
Name of Member Organisation, Website Country of trainer Name of Trainer, Email Date of examination in
Inspectorate de Argentina
Mariduena, Leonardo
09 March 2006
Latu Sistemas S. A.
Zoel, Varela
March 2005 - Cologne
QA-sense B. V.
Roetert Steenbruggen, Erwin
SGS Netherlands
Rex, Steve
March 2005 - Cologne
SGS Norway
Chaudhury, Sandhya
08 March 2005, Cologne