The Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture
EurepGAP Integrated Aquaculture Assurance
Approved Certification Bodies
All Certification Bodies that have received full ISO Guide 65 (EN 45011) accreditation to the scope of EurepGAP "Integrated Aquaculture Assurance" and are fully approved to carry out EurepGAP Certification to that scope are listed in TABLE 1 (with headquarter in Country) and TABLE 2 (with local office in Country - will only be displayed when region and country are selected).
Only these Accredited Certifiers are allowed to use the EurepGAP Logo on their certificates and promotion material and will allow growers to do the same according to their certification agreement. Click on the certifier's name and get more details (Contacts in countries they operate).
(Those certifiers that are in the application phase and have been given a several-month provisional approval, are listed in TABLE 3 below on the bottom of this page.)
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Table 1 Accredited CBs with headquarter in Country
Organisation Head Quarter Contracts received Accredited 
EN 45011 / ISO 65 scope EUREPGAP
Acoura Marine Ltd. trading as Lloyd's Register  United Kingdom  March 2005  January 2008   
Bureau Veritas Iberia, S.L.  Spain  January 2007  June 2008   
LSQA S.A.  Uruguay  June 2005  December 2006   
*Accreditation issued by an AB that has signed the MLA within the ISO Guide 62 or Laboratory area and that is involved in the development of an IAF methodology and criteria for peer assessment on ISO Guide 65 (product Certification). The EUREPGAP TSC will accept accreditations issued by: ANSI, INMETRO (Brazil), JAS-ANZ (NZ/AUS), SANAS (RSA) and EMA (Mexico) until this MLA is in force and signed.
Table 3 Provisionally approved CBs (in process to receive accredition)
Organisation Country of Head Quarter Contracts received Applied for Accreditation EN 45011/ISO 65 Scope EUREPGAP Comments
Certification Bodies listed in TABLE 3 have signed a contract with the EUREPGAP Secretariat and are in the application process to receive accreditation from their responsible Accreditation Body. ALL CERTIFICATION BODIES LISTED IN TABLE 3 CAN ISSUE NON-ACCREDITED CERTIFICATES THAT ARE ACCEPTED BY EUREPGAP MEMBERS. Each applicant is given a period of six months to complete the required accreditation which includes the issuing of non-accredited certificates as practical excercise. Such non-accredited certificates are also accepted in the business-to-business communication. Only Accredited Certifiers will be able to use the EUREPGAP Logo on their certificates and promotion material. EUREPGAP has already de-listed Certification Bodies and will continue to do so to maintain the integrity of the system. Certifiers are encouraged to obtain the relevant accreditation as soon as possible and are not encouraged to issue too many non-accredited certificates, since in the case of a de-listing, i.e. failure of the accreditation procedure, the certificate owner, the grower or grower organisation, has to transfer his/her contract to another accredited certifier, who will need to undertake additional inspection and certification activities to hold up the validation of the grower's certification status.