The Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture
EUREPGAP Integrated Aquaculture Assurance Standard
The Integrated Aquaculture Assurance standard is based on the EUREPGAP Integrated Farm Assurance Standard (for agriculture) and has the modular composition which enables farmers to combine multiple products into one single audit pitched at one of the three levels as in the IFA Standard appropriate to the market(s) they are supplying.

EUREPGAP has also made a species specific standard for salmon which focuses on the same subjects: Food safety, occupational health and safety and environmental safety. The standard covers the value chain for salmon with smolt production in freshwater, on-growing in seawater, harvesting and transport. The benefits from this work will be enhanced food safety, reduced compliance costs and increased integrity of farm assurance schemes globally by:
  • clear risk assessed HACCP based reference standard
  • commitment to continuous improvement and transparency across the entire food chain
  • avoiding multiple product audits on mixed farming enterprises by a single “one-stop-shop”
  • avoiding the proliferation of buyer requirements
  • avoid excess regulatory burden by pro-active adoption by industry
  • achieving global harmonisation leading to a more level playing field
  • farmers choose from certification bodies strictly regulated by EUREPGAP
  • defining and enforcing a common level of auditor competence and of verification status report
  • defining and enforcing a common level of action on non-compliances