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EUREPGAP Integrated Aquaculture Assurance
This Site will provide you with information on schemes that have been recognised by FoodPLUS as equivalent to the EUREPGAP standard for Integrated Aquaculture Assurance and on the status of applicant schemes where applications have been received but the approval has not yet been granted. Approved Certification Bodies are CBs that have received accreditation ISO GUIDE 65/EN 45011 to the scope of the Benchmarked Scheme and to the EUREPGAP General Regulations of the relevant product scope.

EUREPGAP Integrated Aquaculture Assurance is now available and can be applied immediately. The Version 2001 will continue to be valid for the transition period and can be audited until end 2004. Exact dates are published in the new General Regulations. The BENCHMARKING PROCEDURE is also published. See bottom of page or at JAS-ANZ website .
Please download the benchmarking documents from the documents site.
EUREPGAP Approved Schemes 2004 (to the EUREPGAP "Integrated Aquaculture Assurance" Normative Document (Version September 2001, Rev.01)