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10 Most Popular FAQs:

1. When will the new GLOBALGAP version 4 (2011) be available?

2. How can I join the EUREPGAP partnership?

3. As far as I understood, Eurepgap Certification is allowed only for growers. Our company is a Trader, we export a large variety of fruits, which are bought from several/different growers. If those gro ...

4. Why can't the EurepGAP logo not be placed on my certified products?

5. One farmer applied a pesticide with a 21-day waiting period. He begins to harvest after 14 days. The time between application and harvesting was not 21 days and the pre-harvest interval was not correc ...

6. What is the criteria for granting the Propagation Material certificate?

7. What does "Product Custody declaration that covers each product registered, stating whether non-EUREPGAP-certified as well as EUREPGAP certified produce is being sourced for the Produce Handling opera ...

8. Is there a list available of all the farms that have been eurepgap registered per country?

9. A farm has only three certified crops and at the middle of the year the farmer plants a new crop which he would like to sell as certified, the question is; must another audit be done inorder to includ ...

10. Can I certify my olives?